Welcome to the Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat-
N/a’an ku sê own Photographers’ Paradise
Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat
Visit the newest addition to the N/a’an ku sê Collection: the Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat, situated on 33 000 hectares of unspoilt nature. Contrasting landscapes are never-ending, with rippled sand dunes glowing in the magical light of sunrise and sunset, mountain vistas perfectly framing breathtaking views, rocky outcrops studded with quiver trees and awe-inspiring savannah and desert vistas.

In the dedicated hands of the N/a’an ku sê team, the Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat focuses on the rehabilitation of the land to serve a purpose other than being a photographer’s paradise - conservation and protection of the wildlife and environment. This enchanting reserve borders the Namib Naukluft Park with its breath taking photogenic dune belt to the west, and the Tiras Mountains to the east, enhancing our captivating scenery.

Kanaan is home to free roaming kudu, springbok, ostrich, oryx, caracal, hyena, bat-eared fox and jackal, there is never a shortage of animal action in front of the camera.

Filming at Kanaan

At N/a’an ku sê we have made this African dream scene a reality; giving you more “wow” in one location, with less fuss. Welcome to Kanaan.
Filming at Kanaan


Bordering approximately 30 kilometers of the Namib-Naukluft Park, Kanaan is a 33,000Ha nature reserve of vast and open expanses.
Kanaan Conservation


Be a part of Namibian large carnivore conservation! The Kanaan volunteer research program is a once in a lifetime experience.
Kanaan Volunteering

Accommodation & Activities

Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, photo-graphers, geologists, hikers, or for those looking to get away from it all and absorb the tranquil seclusion...
Kanaan Accommodation
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