Kanaan N/a’an ku sê is a photographers dream offering you a chance
to capture great shots of the oldest desert in the world as well as wildlife
Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat Activities
Visitors to Kanaan have the possibility to gain insight to and participate in our Carnivore Ecology research, over and above the lifetime opportunity of pristine and unique photography and filming. Also on offer are: Dune and Farm Sundowner Drives as well as Hikes and Walks in the Tiras Mountains and Dunes.

Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, geologists, hikers, or for those looking to get away from
it all and absorb the tranquil seclusion and peacefulness of nature, Kanaan N/a’an ku sê Desert Retreat offers
guests the opportunity to experience the following:

Sunset or Sunrise Drives

The starting time of the sunrise drives does depend on the season, but departure will take place at the crack of dawn – ensuring that you are able to experience the best of the magical morning hours. Enjoy coffee and rusks while soaking in the splendour of the Kanaan Reserve – bathed in early morning light. Various encounters with free-roaming wildlife may take place and this could include oryx, springbok, black-backed jackals and those species who have made this pristine desert reserve their home. Please bear in mind that sightings are not guaranteed. Mother Nature dictates, and we can only abide by her terms. The magnificent desert landscapes themselves are out-of-this-world, and well worth the early start. The start of the sunset drives is also season dependent, with the drives in winter taking place from 16:30, and the summer drives commencing at 17:30. The duration of the drives is approximately 3 hours.
Kanaan Sunset or Sunrise Drives

Scenic Dune Drive

This activity is enjoyable for those that want to have a sleep in. This Scenic 4x4 Drive takes you on to the southern Side of Kanaan. Both the guide and the car`s 4x4 ability will be tested. Enjoy a 2 hour ride on the oldest sand dunes in the world where you will see more of our beautiful Red Sand Dunes, Dead Tree’s and breath-taking landscape.
Kanaan Scenic Dune Drive

Photographic Safari & Professional Photographic Tours

Kanaan N/a’an ku sê is a photographers dream offering you a chance to capture great shots of the oldest desert in the world as well as wildlife. Ambassador carnivores from our Conservation Project include Cheetah and Caracal and the photography of these is just so much easier on this property both for the animal and the photographer.
Kanaan Photographic Safari

Cheetah Feeding Tour

Enjoy our very popular and up-lcose and personal Kanaan Cheetah Feeding tour. Get a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph these majestic animals in their natural habitat of the unique Namib Desert.
Cheetah Feeding Tour